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CCV HomeTech

The Smart Home System is designed to provide you with the convenience of controlling your home's lighting, temperature, security, entertainment devices and more from one smart system for convenient control wherever you are. It also includes environmental sensors that can be used to monitor your home's air quality, humidity and temperature while it is away (for example during vacation). The secure gateway device (base station) powers your entire system using its Gigabit Ethernet or wireless connection. It also allows for future scalability.


Our CCV HomeTech smart home devices, information, and services work together to bring you a safe, interconnected life.


Smart Lighting

Smart lighting for your home. Control lights and devices from anywhere, schedule timers and set up notifications. Establish actions based on your routine or save energy by connecting with your Nest thermostat. CCV HomeTech smart bulbs pair with a free app that allows you to control lights, set timers and save energy. This integration means CCV HomeTech bulbs can be scheduled to turn on when you're away to help save energy, or they can inform your CCV HomeTech thermostat how much light there is in a room so the thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature according to your needs…


Smart Assistant

CCV HomeTECH is a smart assistant that can support your daily life at home. With the advanced voice recognition and AI algorithm, it offers better than human hearing capabilities and can easily hear you from across the room. It not only do provide control for smart home devices but also synchronize with cloud storage so you would never worry about your data loss ever again.


Smart Switches

CCV HomeTech Smart Switches are smart Wi-Fi enabled switches that work with the free CCV HomeTech app to connect your home. With their simple "Touch-and-Turn" operation you can control the power to each of your outlets on/off, on a schedule or remotely from your smart phone, tablet or computer. The handy switches also include overload protection to prevent electrical damage to your devices.


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My company has been a leading electric car conversion company since 2006, specializing primarily in EV conversion kits for gas sedans and trucks. We have a full engineering department with backgrounds comes from Aerospace and Automotive worlds, high quality kits made from stainless steel, long lasting battery packs from lithium iron phosphate cells. No smoke or smell from our cars. We can also provide 100% USA service via phone/email/forum if you need help troubleshooting your conversion. We know our products work well because we use them daily. Call us if you have any questions!